The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias Neon Jiggles

shanthi thiruppathi

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The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias  Neon Jiggles
The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias  Neon Jiggles
The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias  Neon Jiggles
swimming cat, bedtime stories, children stories,
fruits of the spirit, story book, cats
Volume 2    32 pages     8.5x11   

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SUMMARY:  Every seacat knows that after a hurricane has passed, the sea lays still in tranquility and beckons to explorers. Beneath the stirred up sands and exhausted waves, treasures are waiting to be found. Tiggy and Tobias gear up for a day of snorkeling. Feeling anxious for the many sea trinkets they might find, they are unaware of what is lurking in the waters near them. Little do they know, they will soon encounter a mysterious creature and embark on a journey to a deep, dark place. An underwater world they thought was only possible to visit in their imagination.  

Written and illustrated by Shanthi Thiruppathi, these childrens books are inspired by her cats, Tiggy and Tobias, who are brother cats and live by the sea. As the two seacats embark on exciting adventures, they meet intriguing sea creatures and learn about ocean life. The first book of the series, The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias; Brotherly Love, establishes the characters and the love shared between brothers. This collection of books consists of nine volumes. Each book highlights a renowned set of moral values from the fruits of the spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Peak into the creative process and meet the stars of the books here!