Thiruppathi Order Form


Stock your Gallery

Each artist collection has a variety of available sizes. Choose your desired sizes and quantities and fill out the interactive pdf ordering form on the site which is downloadable for easy ordering.


A Box of Mini Art Prints

Select images from an artist collection to create your custom box of twelve mini canvas prints. Pano sizes: 5x10, 7x20, 10x20 Square sizes: 8x10, 10x10,  Mini size prints are sure sellers in your store or gallery! For mini box pricing send us an email!


Your Gallery Can Offer Blind Drop Shipping

Invest in large canvas print(s) to hang in your gallery and offer your customers the ability to order that print in the available sizes to be drop shipped to their residence. Your customer orders from you - You place an order with us - We fulfill the order.


How To Save When Ordering Large Prints

Save on shipping when ordering large canvas prints above 40x60 by ordering them in even numbers. The cost to ship one print is equal to the cost of shipping two prints.