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Art Copy & Printing Services

The Canvas Art Group offers art copy & printing services through its sister company, Canvas Giclee Printing. If you are an artist looking to scan or print your original artwork, please visit our studio or mail your artwork to:

1328 North Lake Park Blvd Suite 110 
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Photographing and Scanning Original Artwork

In order to make giclee print reproductions or to simply archive your art in digital format, you would first need to scan or photograph your art thus creating a high-resolution image. We use the Hasselblad H5D-50 megapixel camera to shoot original paintings to the utmost detail. For print sizes 8x10 and smaller, a flatbed scanner is used. Once a digital image is created, our editors proceed with color correction and proofing to make sure the digital image matches the original artwork as closely as possible.

art copywork at canvas giclee

Art Scan Prices

The below prices are for providing you a high-res digital image file. Prices are based on the size of the original artwork to be scanned. Inquire about discounts for scanning multiple art pieces by calling our studio at (910) 458 4229. Note these are one time prices for scanning each original artwork. Prices are not for giclee prints. 

Artwork sizes 8x10 and smaller - $75 each

Artwork sizes 11x14 to 18x24 - $95 each

Artwork sizes 20x24 and larger - $115 each

Drum scans for transparencies or negatives for a flat fee - $85 each

How to Photograph Paintings Yourself

If you would like to attempt photographing your paintings with your own camera, you will have to take into account many factors to ensure a high quality image. This includes paying close attention to lighting, angles, photographing and photo editing. Please read our blog, ‘How to Photograph Your Paintings for Print Reproduction.’


Canvas Giclee Printing Services

As one of the best professional photo printers in the country, we cater to the needs of artists and photographers by offering what most pro photo labs do not. Canvas Giclee Printing is one of the few professional digital printing services that not only offers, but excels in every single service listed below. Browse some of the best canvas prints reviews by satisfied customers. Visit Canvas Giclee Printing to start your print project.

  • Museum Quality Prints
  • Custom Art Print Sizes + Large Format Sizes up to 54x120
  • Custom Image Editing
  • Variety of Canvas Surfaces & Paper Surfaces
  • Art Copy Service
  • Artist Proofs
  • Affordable Pricing
  • One on one Customer Service



Looking to collaborate with The Canvas Art Group? We would be delighted to hear from you. Please send us a message at